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Real Steel World Robot Boxing APK Free Download

Real Steel World Robot Boxing APK Free Download

Real Steel World Robot Boxing APK Free Download Have you seen Real Steel movies? It is to fight the robot. You can now play Real Steel game characters on your Android device. This is real steel world robot boxing! Download the apk file and show Style Robot Fighting. Real Steel World Robot Boxing has bigger punches, more intense battles and doubles the action of his predecessor, Lil Steele, with larger graphics, new robots, more modes and face-to-face multiplayer. In the not-too-distant future of boxing, people and robots provide a greater entertainment experience. The pilot pulls the giant beasts and jabs, topcuts and hay making methods to shred the bots to victory.
Real Steel World Robot Boxing APK Free Download

  • Game Features:

  • - A total of 24 averages including fan favorite superstars like Zeus, Atom and Twin Cities. Now eight new competitors have entered the ring. Touchdown, HollowJack, Blockbuster, Biowar and more!
  • - Ten stadiums that barely contain this rugged mechanical beast.
  • - Championships, Time Attacks, Daily Exhibitions and Free Sparring; There are four different modes to test your metal and metal.
  • - Bigger, better, and now social! Make friends and catch up on leaderboards in live local Wi-Fi multiplayer.
  • - Customize with decals, load with upgrades, and get cutting-edge with power-up!

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